Course Fundamentals

Committing to Balance takes a holistic, behavioral approach so you can live your healthiest, happiest, fullest life. Dr. Kostelnik utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches to teach you how to optimize the full constellation of behavioral health arenas relevant to vestibular disorders.

Areas covered include navigating diagnosis, harnessing the power of your mind, getting to know your nervous system, improving cognitive health, and building lifestyle habits. This course provides the opportunity to become part of a like-minded community and have all of your questions personally answered by Dr. Kostelnik.

This course includes...

  • 10 modules of evidence-based audio and video education and skills-building exercises
  • 40+ videos, audios, and worksheets
  • Transcripts of all video and audio content
  • 280+ minutes of instruction
  • 70+ minutes of downloadable audio files to take with you on-the-go
  • Course checklist to walk you through each module
  • Presentation handouts for note-taking
  • Unlimited access to course materials to refresh your skills
  • Access to a private forum to connect with other students and ask Dr. Kostelnik questions about the course

How will my life be different after this course? You will...

  • Feel confident in your ability to seek the correct medical diagnosis or second opinion
  • Have a toolbox of coping skills proven to help people with vestibular disorders
  • Think differently about your symptoms including a more positive outlook on your symptoms
  • Be able to get back to doing things that are most important to you in life
  • Have a better understanding of your body and why your condition causes certain symptoms
  • Have hope about your body's ability to heal
  • Know how to best utilize your social support network
  • Feel assured knowing you can revisit the course and community to refresh your skills
  • Have resources to pursue any further professional care that you might need

Course Price for Research Participants

  • Research participation opportunity

    Purchasing this course provides an opportunity to participate in research about a behavioral health intervention for vestibular disorders. Participation includes completion of symptom surveys before the course, after the course, and 3 months after completion of the course (estimated time commitment to complete each survey is 20-30 minutes, or 60-90 minutes for all 3 surveys).

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Regular Course Price

  • $374.00

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What people are saying

"I believe all patients with vestibular issues should be referred to her course"

Sara Davis, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Psychologist

Dr. Kostelnik has broken down the best research and treatment techniques into practical and realistic changes you make today. Having personally been through the challenges of vestibular illness, she truly ‘gets it’ and has developed an excellent resource that will improve quality of life for patients with vestibular disorders. I believe all patients with vestibular issues should be referred to her course as a meaningful addition to their medical treatment.

"It really is so helpful and educational!"

Madison Oak, PT, DPT, Founder of The Vertigo Doctor

Committing to Balance is such an excellent resource for anyone with vestibular dysfunction. The course gives you concrete skills to improve your confidence, helps to decrease anxiety, and dives deeply into why vestibular dysfunction impacts your emotions and psyche. I have referred many patients to this course, and will continue to throughout my practice - it really is so helpful and educational!