Course Fundamentals

Breaking the Dizzy—Anxious—Dizzy Cycle utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to teach you how to tame anxiety during an acute exacerbation of vestibular symptoms. 

Have you noticed heart-racing, sweating, shaking, and nausea when your symptoms flare? This is the sympathetic nervous system, which anxiety also activates. This course will teach you to calm your nervous system.

Why are people with vestibular concerns so prone to anxiety? This course will teach you why people with vestibular concerns are prone to anxiety and how to keep those anxious thoughts in check.

This course includes...

  • 70+ minutes of evidence-based instruction and exercises, including downloadable audio files to take with you on-the-go
  • Transcripts of all video and audio content
  • Presentation handouts for note-taking
  • Unlimited access to course materials to refresh your skills

How will my life be different after this course? You will...

  • Feel confident in stopping the dizzy/anxious spiral in its tracks
  • Feel equipped to handle acute vestibular symptoms and stop fearing attacks
  • Have a toolbox of coping skills proven to help people with vestibular disorders
  • Feel assured knowing that you can revisit the course to refresh your skills

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What people are saying...



These tools have definitely been helpful. I recently had a set back and was able to handle symptoms much better using the skills I have learned here. Grateful.

"I believe all patients with vestibular issues should be referred to her course"

Sara Davis, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Psychologist

Dr. Kostelnik has broken down the best research and treatment techniques into practical and realistic changes you make today. Having personally been through the challenges of vestibular illness, she truly ‘gets it’ and has developed an excellent resource that will improve quality of life for patients with vestibular disorders. I believe all patients with vestibular issues should be referred to her course as a meaningful addition to their medical treatment.

"This course makes you relax and become less anxious"

Rina F., VM/PPPD

I seriously recommend this to everybody who has vestibular problems, this course makes you relax and become less anxious. I'm glad I took this course!

Super helpful!


“Super helpful! Don't put off taking this course because you think you need to feel good enough or there is not enough time. I was symptomatic on both days that I worked on the course and I felt so much better afterwards. It was super helpful!”

Amazing Course!


I Truly loved this course


As someone that has suffered from vestibular issues for years, I found this course to be extremely beneficial. I love the fact that the techniques/skills that I learned are downloadable to my phone so I can have them anytime that I need to practice or use during a flare up.


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